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Versace Eros Perfume Review 2023 | know before you buy


you should know before you buy Versace eros

First thing

This is an amazing clubbing fragrance once you get out in the club and you put the thing on everybody will notice you they’ll kind of smell something familiar because it is very popular but this thing is really one of the big kings for clubbing fragrances.

Second thing

It has a great apple opening and it has a very intense sweet transitioning into the dry down so if you like something sweet give it a try.

Third thing

It’s a great value buy you get 200 ml and I’ve seen it below a hundred dollars online actually let me know what your best deal on Versace aeros is right now that you can find that will be interesting. what you guys can find online but overall you get 200 ml of this high-quality clubbing sweet very potent good fragrance for your money.

Fourth thing

The ladies absolutely love it if you’re looking for something that will get you compliments from the ladies especially this is a panty dropper very simple choice, not a lot that you have to think about give it a try if you’re on the hunt if you’re on the prowl ladies love that thing.

Fifth thing

It also gets a lot of compliments from men so overall I would say this is a great value buy it’s a clubbing king it’s a compliment beast, especially the ladies love it.

you get a lot for your buck a lot of bang for your buck if you know what I mean and yeah it has a nice mint apple opening that’s transitioning into the dry down which is very sweet overall and so I really like this one it’s a good choice that was Versace eros five things you should know before you buy.




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