Most Popular Tips For Applying The Perfume

 Most Popular Tips For Applying The Perfume

What Are Good Tips For Applying The Perfume According to Experts

 First tip

spray it on your clothes instead of your skin we men know it what happens if you spray the t on skin this happens well a fragrance contains more alcohol than your Jack Daniels whiskey it contains more alcohol than see what happens if you pour that vodka on your on your neck well its aggressive.

so that’s why I suggest you to spray fragrance on your collar on your shoulder on your hair well for the ladies in particular so spray a fragrance on your clothes or on your hair instead of your skin.

Second tip

don’t rub it in you know what happens now we are destroying some of that soft light easygoing molecules and what’s even sadder if you do this man you already have this right here now you have it also here you could use this spot for another fragrance so just keep in mind this tip don’t rub it in.

 Third tip

where the appropriate situation do they appropriate fragrance to the appropriate situation. I don’t consider them traditional office fragrances the exact eros the God of love Viva La Juicy the queen of prettiness these fragrances smell very sweet and very loud and very aggressive. if you smell like this next to you co-worker he will undress and want to make love with you on the desk and that’s nice.

but you know what I mean just like saying curse words or just like wearing a pink thong as a man in the office people recognize okay this person knows how to behave the way she speaks the way he dresses the way he smells he knows how to behave that’s good.

if you know how to which does not mean that you also should know how to have fun keep in mind we’re the right fragrance according to the right situation.

Fourth tip

fragrance tip avoid weak fragrances we all love the Aqua dijo we all love the top salad Giorgio Armani si pacion but they are so weak I can throw them against the wall and I wouldn’t be sad because they don’t perform at all fragrances that are weak are not allowed to be on this planet in my eyes why because that sucks it burns your money so rather don’t have fragrances that are weak and low-performing rather have phrases that are very long-lasting.

how do you know which are long-lasting on which are not well one trick is spray on hand this one right here let’s say you went to your Sephora or your do glass or your Macy’s and you spread the fragrances that you liked and you go shopping you go home you can go to your boyfriend your girlfriend and after six hours of applying you see man that George Armani fragrance is already gone sucks Wow about this new this fragrance is still so strong so that’s obviously an easy test how to see if a friend’s is long-lasting or not.

Fifth tip

What I’m going to give you is don’t over apply fragrance it’s like overacting over spraying, trying to play too much music with your guitar, and people are getting annoyed instead of having fun so five sprays is to me the sweet spot you can do three sprays you can do five sprays you can do seven sprays I have received compliments in fact a lot when I only did three sprays sometimes it’s less is more.

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