Christian Dior Sauvage Men Eau De Toilette Spray Reviews

Dior Sauvage

First Thing

you will smell like a lot of people where’d your Dior Sauvage in fact ladies and gentlemen it is the most smelt fragrance when I smell other men if I walk through the street just like Lafayette Barry for women is the most smelt fragrance I smell on women Dior Sauvage is the most smelt fragrance.

I smell on man now beware you will smell like a lot of other men if you were Dior Sauvage that goes for the cool spray that goes for the Eau de Toilette that goes for the Eau de Parfum that goes for the puff phone

Second Thing

Christian Dior Sauvage is a cheap in particular the 200 ml bottle of the Eau de Toilette this all the toilet is the best concentration out of all I just named you it is the perfect balance of fresh and clean yet spicy strength the puffer is too balsamic is strongly spicy.

the Eau de Parfum is too strong the cool sprays too citrusy the Eau de Toilette is the perfect balance of everything from the 200 ml order to a let cheap online.

Third Thing

you should keep in mind is it is very versatile it is very good we spoke about two things that are one is neutral one is negative let’s speak about something that is pretty positive it is a fantastic fragrance.

no creed Aventis can compete with this no blue – an air can compete with this fragrance is the best most versatile all season all occasion where everywhere anytime superstar versatile fragrance.

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