Chanel Bleu Men’s Eau De Parfum Review

Bleu De Chanel Fragrance


If you buy this fragrance by the not Eau de Parfum not the puff by the order toilette.

this has the best price-value proposition it is the freshest of them all and it has great performance and it’s the biggest compliment gather of them all if you buy bleu the Chanel by the order toilette version.

This fragrance is it’s a very timeless fragrance why is it very tiny it uses incense one of the most ancient ingredients of our time in addition to that it uses other natural ingredients and not like it your Sahaj just currently trendy fragrance notes like the M Broxson this has like a grapefruit.

this has patchouli those are ancient fragrance notes that will be always timeless and as you know Chanel black and white is timeless anyway so great ingredients this fragrance is very timeless.

This is one of the last creations by Jacques bulge and he’s the father of Olivia pulse this guy is the in-house performer of Chanel they always have an in-house performer.

They have one performer that makes all of their fragrances from father to son now that we’re talking blood Chanel this it was one of the last creations by the legend Jacques polish.

Before buying this fragrance it’s extremely versatile so you can wear it everywhere anytime everywhere with any type of outfit this bottle running out.

you can wear it everywhere anytime no problem super leave Ursa tied so a great fragrance to this date and great as a gift it is a very Tingy fragrance.

when you smell it has a very semi-aggressive grapefruit opening that really opens up your eyes like a cold shower in the morning and really sets you up for the day nicely.

fantastic fragrance blue edition air order toilette.

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