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Paco Rabanne Invictus Perfume Review 2023

Paco Rabanne Invictus

Paco Rabanne Invictus It’s a very synthetic fragrance it’s not the natural smelling fragrance it uses a lot of embracing which is a synthetic fragrance ingredient which is very expensive but just be a way that this does not smell like a natural fruit or something so before you buy keep in mind it’s a synthetic fragrance.


There are alternatives for example the Jean Paul Gautier ultra male to me is the bed of fragrance if you are a teenager or a grown-up that just wants to have fun I still think this is the better fragrance. it gives me more compliments the latest reactions are fabulous and it’s more unique than this one so before you buy there are alternatives for this fragrance.


It’s a very casual smelling fragrance so this does not smell like your clean and fresh daytime fragrance like a platinum this smells very playful casual more for the clubbing situation.

Buy the original and Victor’s there are so many flankers out there and besides the Invictus 2016 formulation the steel is the original standard Invictus the best version of all the Invictus so if you buy it by the standard original Invictus.

Ladies love this

ladies love this thing man the ladies especially the ladies that have a sweet tooth and do like a little bit of that bad boy attitude they love this sweet type of a DNA it’s a top seller guys for a good reason ladies do love this.

one as you know Paco Rabanne has been the second release after this one the 1 million was the big success then they made the Invictus and it really scored super high how does this fragrance actually smell so this smells very much fresh fresh fruity sweet fresh fruity sure that’s all this fragrance smells as I mentioned at the start it’s a bit on the synthetic side performance is great the complement ratio is great the uniqueness is not great since there are many clones out there because of the big success.




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