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Most Popular Hugo Boss Perfume | Fragrance Review

The legendary German fragrance boss bottle

 Hugo Boss Bottled

You should know

This is a very versatile fragrance its signature scent worthy meaning it could be your signature people know you for this fragrance it’s fantastic and usable in every situation casual formal clubbing dating it works everywhere very versatile.


Is just okay normally fragrances with cinnamon in sight which this one has and synthetic apple which this one has must last at least eight hours and I know a lot that last eight hours plus this doesn’t so the performance is just average keep that in mind guys.

Create a fragrance DNA very creative DNA to this date there’s nothing there are many fragrances that smell similar to this, for example, Layton by Parfums de Mali which is an expensive niche fragrance and this is the genuine original this is the German superstar fragrance.

this is the pride of German fragrance making this is boss bottled a unique fragrance mainly the apple cinnamon accord is what makes it so interesting a clash of contrast class of fruits and spices.


The ladies approve this heart and please bro right heart ladies approve this heart because there’s something in it that the ladies absolutely love possibly also because always cool guys have been wearing this one and ladies have been smelling it on cool CEO type of guys.

Hence, it just was common to smell done cool guys so this fragrance became a cool smelling DNA because the people that wore it made cool possible in any case ladies absolutely love Hugo Boss boss bottled.

It’s not up-to-date anymore this is the hardest thing I have to admit now I thought about saying is it timeless yes or no technically yes because an apple always existed cinnamon is one of the oldest spices in history but the Apple is synthetic and this has been overdone not to the extent like an Ed Hardy t-shirt or like aqua D jewel or 1 million but this DNA is so common it is not something I suggest you wear nowadays because the DNA is outdated.


It’s an original medium long-lasting fragrance with outdated yet original fragrance DNA that ladies love.



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