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La Vie Est Belle Perfume Review 2023 | Parfum La vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle Perfume

La Vie Est Belle is one of the most popular perfumes on the market you won’t smell unique all right so you won’t smell unique as a big drawback to this fragrance this in fact is one of the most frequently smelled Fraggles.

when I run around the streets and I smell just came from the gym smelled it in the gym so be aware you won’t smell unique with this fragrance.


It’s one of the biggest compliment getters a woman can have it’s a big compliment getter ladies yes I do smell a lot on women however there’s no I repeat there’s no other fragrance on the market that I give more compliments to when I smelled on women this is a megastar when it comes to compliments ladies.


Performance is through the roof superstar performance megastar very strong performance the juice lasts a very long time very good and that’s what you should respect this fragrance.

This could be your one fragrance for everything so if you think I just want to have one fragrance don’t want to think too much when I go out with the girls when I go to the gym when I have a date I want to have one fragrance what should it be well Mrs or lady this could be your fragrance it’s mega versatile you could have this as one fragrance for everything.


It’s one of the last creations where all the way polls took pardon so this is a very nerdy type of knowledge point but Olivia polish is now the in-house performer of Chanel which means he only makes fragrances for the most elite fragrance brand on the market.

Chanel and one of his last creations was this one together with other performers like Ann flipple so this has a premium stamp on it also from a performance perspective well the only way polish also took part in the creation of this fragrance.


How does this fragrance smell it smells very unique but since it has been out for so many years already and has been bought so many times it’s a gorgeous orange blossom fragrance it has some Google Mount elements meaning edible it has some nice fruitiness?

it’s a nice concoction of a lot of good stuff in fact they nailed it with the color of the bottled juice right here it really feels like what you see is what you smell this orange like the type of a fragrance.

La Vie Est Belle Perfume




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