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Strong Perfume For Women | Long Lasting Perfumes For Ladies

Strong Perfume For Women

10. chanel Coco Mademoiselle

9. Tom fort black orchid

8. Elisa saab girl of now

7. Angel Muse Thierry Mugler

6. Tifany-for women intense

5. Dylan Blue Femme and Lim Catrice by dolce gabbana

4. scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

3. it Lancome la nuit Tresor

2. Marc Jacobs decadence

1. LANCOME PARIS Lancome Eau de Parfum Spray, La Vie Est Belle

10. chanel Coco Mademoiselle

this one is only the number 10 because of its own success if you wear this you will smell fantastic it will last a long time it lasts long even though it’s a fresh fragrance you know fresh fragrances have a harder time than seeking Li sweet fragrances to last long obviously but since so many people wear this fragrance you will obviously not smell the most unique number 10 spot Coco Mademoiselle.

9. Tom fort black orchid

this one is a great fragrance yes it’s Comfort black orchid but if you ask your normal man on the street to go out with this raisin so you say okay well it doesn’t smell like your typical female fragrance I need to adjust myself to this one this is a very bold a very daring and immensely strong fragrance.

so be aware of that this is not for everybody I know this fragrance black orchid has a lot of fans but this is not your typical mess pleaser still it’s in this list because it lasts forever number 9 spot black orchid.

8. Elisa Saab girl of now

this one, of course, is fantastic is bring some uniqueness to the table because of the P stats you’ll note and pistachio is a very new Accord in fragrances in addition to that you have that sweet sugary female fragrance vibe that gets the compliments. if you want to see something new some new fragrance DNA you want to smell a little bit friend than the rest try out Eliza Saab girl of now.

7.Angel Muse Thierry Mugler

This one is the strongest fragrance on this list on the number seven spot Angel Muse Thierry Mugler.

so number seven spot and it is the strong strengths on this list yes I need to show you a balance between strength and compliments and mass appeal so this one is also one of those very bold very strong and at times very aggressive fragrances because it’s hard called chocolatey mega strong so watch out well this is your lovely winter chocolate fragrance Angel Muse Thierry Mugler on the number seven spot.

6. Tiffany-for women’s intense

this one is the best release of 2018 but doesn’t say it without because this is so hot this is Tiffany’s For women intense and what a fantastic fragrance.

this is you get that powdery iris vibe I absolutely love this one it’s fresh so don’t expect nuclear performance but clearly, it’s a masterpiece number six spots Tiffany intense number.

5. Dylan Blue Femme and Lim Catrice by dolce gabbana

five spots is the only tie on this list starting off the best five perfumes with the longest performance we have Versace Dylan Blue Femme and Lim Catrice by dolce Gabbana they are both very fruity and these are more playful fruity fragrances and this is more of your mature CEO business fragrance.

so if you enjoy brutally long-lasting fruity fragrances mostly mostly mostly fruity because you know most ladies have floral fragrances that are very fruity then try out one of these this is more playful casual lame Catrice number three this is dolce Gabbana and this is more CEO business woman Versace Dillon blue fun alright number five spot a tie.

4. scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

very long-lasting honey fragrance so if you want to smell like honey also a winter exclusive please only wear this fragrance in the wintertime nowhere else then we’re jump over chickened out a dominant force of honey with addition of some fruits and florals that try to play in this game but no chance again said honey domination so number force but brutally long-lasting winter only.

3. it Lancome la nuit Tresor

if you would ask me now hmm which fragrance should I give a woman as a gift for the winter time I would just go for this because I know she will like it I know other people will like it I know it lasts a long time and yeah that’s it this is it Lancome la Nuit Tresor.

it’s absolutely fantastic it’s not only about my taste it’s also what is best for you and how you get the most compliments on this type of stuff so number three spot Lancome la Nuit Tresor.

2. Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs decadence the man-eater fragrance if you are a woman that has clear decisions to make if you are a woman that gets the guys left and right if she wants then go for this one this is a brutally confident smelling fragrance for women.

it is very unique it is very potent it is polarizing to a certain degree so you do need to back this fragrance up with some sort of a strong appearance this is not a massive peeling monster still if you have that edge of brutal confidence and this will always work.

this is more for the wintertime but because it does have a good dose of plum you could potentially wear this as a signature fragrance meaning you could wear this all season on all occasions obviously apply less on the warmer days but this could be your signature fragrance number two spot Marc Jacobs take a dance.

1. LANCOME PARIS Lancome Eau de Parfum Spray, La Vie Est Belle

this is the orange blossom superstar what a nice fresh and clean vibe for you woman is on us man which you always like is orange blossom for us men on women if a fragrance contains orange blossom.

it’s for man oh yeah smells good yeah men don’t know why but it smells good to them the most successful perfumes mostly have a broken dose of orange blossom on them so as this lasts forever it does have a semi-fresh vibe it does also have a sweet wife it has a fruity vibe it has a floral vibe it’s appropriate for everything, everywhere, everybody likes it.

one issue is it’s not the most unique but since we talk about orange blossom which anyways most fragrances have these days because it’s men they love it I put it on the number one.



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