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Alien By Thierry Mugler Perfume Review | Thierry Mugler alien

Alien By Thierry Mugler

Alien By Thierry Mugler Perfume has been released in 2005 it has a very distinct note and the first thing you should know is it’s over warn everybody is wearing this one this is the equivalent of the one million for men whereas you smell it countless times on men in the club this is the most smelt fragrance.

I have smelled on women all around the world which is not so good because it’s very common you won’t smell unique it is overworm.


The performance is incredible this is an out-of-this-world performance like the name says alien the performance of this is through the roof superstar I think of multiple girls now and ladies that wear this one it’s such a distinct smell but just like the name says it is alien in terms of performance so thumbs up for the strong strong performance.

Reformulation is possible guys in this case the company Mugler has been acquired by the huge company lo VI and that’s a major move muga from Clarins to Lugar who knows if they reformulate this DNA and this could mean the performance will get worse or it will smell different so if you’re interested in still buying the original formulation you should hurry up because this brand has been sold to the other company.


It’s a massive compliment get it this fragrance gets you so many compliments ladies it is within the top ten when I compliment other women even though I’m not the biggest I must admit I do give a lot of compliments when I smell this on women so thumbs up for the complement factor it’s a huge compliment factor.

Its signature scent worthy now deduct of a thing that it is over warned everybody wore it and you won’t smell unique with this so you’ll be aware again you won’t smell special when wearing this but you will smell cool you will smell fantastic when wearing it.

It’s signature scent worthy why because it’s not too sweet not too fresh it’s not too Goemon D it’s not too playful it’s not too harsh it’s everything and a good balance.

while at the same time having massive performance which means you can wear it in the colder days as well it survives and the high humidity it won’t just evaporate from your skin ladies so this is signature scent worthy.


The biggest drawback is only that you won’t smell unique you will smell like many other women on this planet because it’s so fantastic.



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