Top Best Fragrances Must Try in Summer

Fragrances Must Try in Summer

Aventus it’s excellent but it’s not so strong as the other ones and that’s why I placed it further behind otherwise in general aventus, of course, is a great fresh fragrance for the summer.

A twice as strong fragrance and it’s so cheap Versace blue jeans this thing is 20 and it lasts 20 hours the thing is it smells very old school but sometimes old school comes back and is modern again so twenty dollars for 20 hours of performance Versace blue jeans.

A cherry leather fragrance and in the heat the sweetness of fragrances get amped up so the cherry gets even more cherry sweet and makes this super fun this is in the summer even better than in the fall or winter try this one it is a very funny cherry fragrance in the summer.

The mali sadly very strong citrusy almost to the acidic side citrusy fragrance and that one I totally suggest you to try if you like very strong citrusy fragrances.

Aqua di jo Profumo I suggest you wear this one on summer nights so this is too dense and too earthy for the hot daytime but on the summer nights in the club for example this sun is coming up and down and then the cloud is coming then the cloud is not going that’s why i have to adjust the light here this one is great for the summer nights.

We Start Off With The top Five Fragrances

The number five is my favorite summer fragrance this is light blue intense gorgeous from the ad to the unique dna even to the performance this is a fantastic sum of fragrances try this one.

Number four some people would think it would be higher but blue the chanel in this case eau de parfume is great but when we really talk about Dubai heat Miami heat texas heat this won’t survive long the smell is fantastic and the brand is fantastic but when we talk about performance the first three now are on a different level.

Number three it had to come somewhere Dior savage gorgeous here I’m showing you the order toilette version, not the order puffer or the order Colonia I’m showing you the ode puffer and that one is what you should take for the high heat because it’s more citrusy.

Number two air mass h24 is great especially if you like non-offensive fragrances there are unique complement getters this is a non-offensive unique complement getter air mass h24 megastar.

Number one that i show you is the best price value summer fragrance Nordica voyage this is the number one.

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