De Marly Perfume Full Details and Review

Before You Buy Parfums De Marly You Should Know

It is only good at sweet this is a sweet oriental fragrance brand this is not a good brand if you are looking for fresh fragrances this is the Perceval and it’s not so good they are queens and kings at the sweet oriental fragrances stick to their sweet oriental fragrances like Pegasus like Harold like Layton exclusive or Layton stick to the sweet oriental ones.

Compliment beasts

These fragrances are compliment beasts if you’re looking for compliment beasts I’m going to tell you right now these fragrances are made to get you compliments very appealing dna if you buy the right ones and they get you massive amounts of compliments.

Good price

good price value proposition the price value is fantastic with perfumes Damali because you’re paying the premium niche price so it’s more expensive like a door or Chanel you’re getting a fantastic heavy bottle that is as heavy.

there are these guys who have the heaviest bottle in the business supreme packaging supreme performance long-lasting so that’s why it’s a great price value proposition.

Pick the best

pick the best ones to pick the best perfumes tamales as I told you the best ones are Herat Layton Layton exclusive Hobden and Pegasus don’t go for the other ones the one that smells very that’s the dolphin smells like a Tom Ford fragrance the fresh ones are not so good because they’re just not their expertise just pick the best one that I just named you.


The alternative would be Tiana Terenzi if you’re looking for an alternative brand I suggest you only Tiana Terenzi why because they are also fantastic at making sweet oriental fragrances and these guys are from Italy and perfume Somali is from France both experts at the craft different style you smell the difference so you can’t go wrong with either of them Crete has been sold now they’re not so exclusive anymore and there are not much left guys.


De Marly is a fantastic brand if you’re looking for sweet oriental long lasting compliment getters if you pick the right ones they have a fantastic price value proposition.
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