The most popular Celebrities What Fragrances They Wear

The Celebrities And What Fragrances They Wear

Gigi Hadid

she is wearing a velvet Orchid by Tom Ford that’s what she said and this is a more fruity more tamed version not so extreme version of the original black orchid so velvet orchid its lovely fragrance.

if you can handle it also is polarizing just like the original black orchid but it’s much smoother I’m going to say Gigi Hadid it’s fine that you wear that fragrance it suits you because you’re a very unique very celebrity style and you have to be some special person in your appearance to wear a fragrance like velvet orchid.

Robbie Williams

Oud woods by Robbie Williams with Oud woods I saw it in a YouTube interview where he said it again suits his character there are fragrances I would recommend him over that one but here again, what can we say it’s a good choice he has the money to pay for the private blend it has good enough performance it is a woody masculine fragrance with a unique touch because of the hidden root in it so it does have some hidden root what is a Saudi Arabian Indonesian exotic wood that is very animalistic very woody so it does fit the wild character of Robbie Williams and in the end, you get a traditional masculine fragrance with a mysterious would’ve I’ve so this also is approved also a proof for Robbie Williams this is Oud woods by Tom Ford.

Michael Jackson

the most popular person on the planet who do you think is the most popular person ever lived on this planet who do you think it is I’m gonna tell you my opinion, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson said he wore Tom Ford black orchid and by the way all these lists and all these statements I read on different websites different celebrity magazines different especially dedicated websites to celebrity fragrance guides so these are not thought out by me I hey this guy where’s that one I simply read those and this is what I’m telling you and what I think about that so here.

I don’t recommend most people to wear that one it’s a very dark chocolatey floral fragrance it’s a dark chocolatey fragrance but you know what Michael Jackson could easily pull that fragrance off this fits Michael Jackson it has amazing performance it has a mysterious vibe and it’s super unique so Michael Jackson amazing performance on stage mysterious crazy different cool superstar love Michael Jackson and indeed he has a good choice with black orchid.

Harry Styles

He wears Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford so Harry Styles said he wears two back of the knee by Tom Ford cool approved he is confident he can pull off such a polarizing fragrance this fragrance smells like tobacco and like spices and like vanilla the spice and this is mostly Cluff so you get a peppery firey vibe besides that sweet sweet tobacco and that of course sweet natural smelling vanilla approved again Harry Styles can wear this fragrance. this is simply for fragrances that I like and I think they made a good choice.

Zayn Malik

This guy said he wore Dolce Gabbana light blue is a fragrance that is cool it’s an aquatic slightly peppery fruity fragrance nothing too over-the-top cool the performance is not the greatest so that’s why I say don’t wear light blue anymore wear light blue intense instead it’s a definitely improved version of the original that you are wearing and it’s definitely longer-lasting so this is my recommendation for everybody that likes Dolce Gabbana light blue simply go for light blue intense it definitely is which is not often the case a better version of the original so go for this one instead of the original.

Dwayne Johnson

The rock Dwayne the rock superstar Johnson Dwayne he stated in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that he likes to wear that frames because it gave him an aquatic mood I agree it gives you an aquatic mood it’s like cool water but different it’s like water in terms of its smells watery and it smells like the 90s that’s what kinds of prom order to Alette does as well so no offense against that one I also don’t have a problem with cool water but if you want to have a much more modern approach to a watery aquatic fragrance I’m going to suggest you Bvlgari aquamarine and if you don’t think that this smells aquatic then you should open your eyes and look at this bottle because it’s very aquatic much softer and younger smelling then can support on if you want to have it more masculine you say this doesn’t smell oh I am such a strong man I wanted more masculine then simply go for aqua Amara instead of this and but if you want really watery blue ocean turquoise ocean vibes then go for Bvlgari aquamarine that’s for the rock the recommendation.

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