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If you want to enjoy your time by playing spinning wheel then play this free diamond spin and win coin with Lucky Spin to FF Diamond is best for you. This is a spin game for all gamers who are fond of spinning wheel games and want to win Free Diamonds. The lucky spin wheel is easy to play and self-entertaining spin and wins Free FF Diamonds from the coin game.

Here you can enjoy your time by playing the Lucky Spin Wheel game. You can say that lucky spin the wheel game, so by playing Spin wheel game you can freely check whether your assumption for guessing number in lucky spinner is work or not, so this will entertain you when you play the game.

The free Diamonds app will help you by giving unlimited diamonds for the game. You can easily get 10,000 diamonds per weak it is so easy. You just play games and get diamonds for Free in Fire. This app will help you by providing Diamonds for Free in Fire.
Daily Free Diamonds app guide helps you to how you can get free and unlimited Diamonds.

It also helps you to how to play like a pro. There are lots of tips and tricks if you apply your game will be improved and you can play like a pro. Try these tips and tricks to get unlimited ff Diamonds. If you also need tips and tricks on how to play then. This app is also for you. There are lots of guides if you apply you can easily Fire get free Diamonds, Tips, and Tricks, how to use weapons. This is the best Fire Guide app that helps you to easily get free Diamonds.

Win free diamonds for free fire by playing this fun quiz that is going to put your knowledge to the test about the free fire.
It helps you in winning diamonds for Free in Fire and doesn’t affect your account of Free in Fire.

Win Free Diamonds Fire Cobra Alok. The best app to earn diamonds free by Playing Simple Games. There are lots of ways you can earn diamonds fast, easily, and having a fun fire. Just Play some existing games and win fire diamonds free.

Spin & Win ff Diamonds. Spin a wheel and get a chance to win up to 500 diamonds free in just one spin fire and also have a chance to win Shirou cobra character. Scratch & Win ff Diamonds. Scratch and have a chance to win up to 1080 diamond free.

Watch & Earn ff Diamonds. Just watch videos and earn daily diamonds Free. Giveaway ff diamonds. Get a chance to win 4360 ff diamond. free every week fire by participating Giveaways. Usages of Diamonds. You can top up free Alok, Chrono, Clu Free Elite Pass, Street boy bundle, and much more free using these diamonds.

1) How to play game

Download app from google play store and start the game by registering via your Google login.

2) Spin and Win coin

In Spin the Wheel Game there are two spinner wheels for a spin to win the coin.

* Random Spinning Wheel

In this random spinner wheel or lucky spin wheel, you need to tap the play button and wait for random spin wheel results. When random spin the wheel rotation ends and stops at some random point, the result of the winning coin will be added to your account. So you can experience luck by win while playing this spinner wheel.

lucky number spin, before the tap, to play you need to choose lucky spinner wheel numbers from available spinner wheel numbers. After selecting your number hit the play button and wait for spin results. If your guessing number and spinner result is the same then the result of the winning coin will be added to your account. So you can experience luck by chance while playing this spinner wheel.

Why do you wait, play and enjoy this spin and win the game?

3) Scratch and Win Coin

Here you can scratch the card and get a lucky number of coins according to your luck in your account.

4) Daily Check-in Coin

Here you can get a number of coins according to daily check inactivity in a game.

5) FF Diamond – Use winning coins and get diamonds

When you play a lucky spinner wheel game you win as much coin while playing it, Your winning coin you can use in the below way.

* When you finish your all free spin chance and you don’t have enough chance to play more, you can get a free spin chance from your winning coins.
* You can add your name to FF Blue Diamond and FF Pink Diamond leaderboard around the world. You can convert diamonds from your winning coin in-game. The more you collect the diamond, the more your name will go up on the diamond leaderboard around the world.
* When you don’t have enough spin chance to play a game then you can get a free chance from your collected FF diamond.

6) Leaderboard

To make healthy competition, we bought a world leaderboard for you. We have three kinds of leader boards.

* Winning Coin: Display top 50 players for winning the highest coins in a game.
* FF Blue Diamond: Display top players who get the highest FF Blue Diamond in luck by spin and win the game.
* FF Pink Diamond: Display top players who have the highest FF Pink Diamond collected in-game.

Spinner wheel winner with the highest winning Coins and FF Diamonds will be displayed on the leaderboard.

7) Need Help

Help for any query is also provided for game users to ask any questions or suggestions related to this spin game.

8) My Account

Shows your coin and diamond history that you win while playing the wheel and spin game.

Play and enjoy the lucky wheel to win the coin game now.

Why do you wait, Download this spin game and Win Free Diamonds in your free time now.

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