what are do’s and don’ts new Facebook business page | tech doubts tamil


  • Post fascinating, quality content that’s timely and relevant to your followers 

  •  solely share posts from those you trust 

  • post on an everyday basis at strategic times ( from your admin panel, click “Show”, “See all”, “Posts” then “When your fans are online” to examine your best post times) share content you’d advocate others 

  • run a contest or promotion to extend followers (see freshly modified rules) 

  • use #hashtags to extend interaction- this permits others to search out your victimization specific terms embody links to drive traffic to your website 

  • post partaking photos and raise queries for top engagement 

  • respond and “Like” comments to those that move with you post short comments- posts between a hundred and 250 characters receive sixty p.C a lot of likes, comments, and shares 

  • utilize the duvet ikon by adding a link to your website or email sign-up type


  • raise others to love or follow you on your post (see recent changes) 

  •  tag individuals in the footage (or graphics) if they don’t seem to be within the ikon perpetually promote your business flood the news feed- house your posts outpost caliber data or memes 

  • run a photograph with quite a two-hundredth choice of words in it as a boosted or promoted post 

  • post something you’d not prefer to see in your own newsfeed 

  • neglect to post on weekends or once your audience is on-line

  •  forget that your page is there to have interaction with your followers –not simply sell your product
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