The Truth About Blog Design Mistakes Is About To Be Revealed

12 Seriously Annoying journal-style Mistakes you would like to mend immediately 

1. Your layout structure is confusing 

  • Make it straightforward for your guests to visualize WHO you’re and what you are doing. Use terms that individuals will perceive. 
  • Clean up your navigation bars and sidebar. Add solely the necessities.

 2. Your theme does not speak to your audience 

  • Choose or style a subject that speaks to your audience. 

3. Your combination hurts your audience’s eyes 

  • Avoid mistreatment colors that dash really along. Use 3-4 colors and use them systematically.
  • Use Adobe Kuler or COLOURlovers to search out the proper combination that appeals to your audience. 

4. Your content is tough to scan 

  • Break up your text with some visuals, lists, or subtitles, and use short paragraphs. 
  • Use decipherable fonts. Limit the kind of fonts you employ to a pair of or three and use them systematically. 
  • Make your links seem “clickable”. Use contrasting colors and contemplate keeping your links underlined or bolded. 

5. you have got no social sharing buttons 

  • Make sure to incorporate straightforward sharing buttons in visible places on your website. 

6. you create it not possible to attach with you 

  • Make sure your contact details square measure straightforward to search out and square measure correct. embrace social follow buttons further.
  • Put them in a plain spot. most people expect these data on the highest right-hand corner. 

7. Your search bar is obscurity to be found 

  • Place the search box somewhere visible (header or prime sidebar area). 

8. you do not care about the broken links on your website 

  • Regularly check all links on the header, sidebar, footer, and also contains space. 
  •  Review and click on the links inside your content before hitting the publish button. 

9. you employ stretched, blurred, and low-quality pictures 

  • If you have nothing nice to indicate, then do not show it to the slightest degree. 

10. you place alarming pop-ups and abuse flash 

  • Use slenderly or get eliminate them. 

11. You auto-play music/video 

  • If you have got to feature music to your journal, set default to OFF, provide your guests with the choice to show ON the music. 

12. Your journal will solely be viewed in Internet person 

  • Make sure your website works properly on completely different internet browsers as well as Firefox, hunting expedition & Chrome. do not forget mobile browsers.
  • Always check your website when you create changes. Validate your website mistreatment W3C Markup Validation Service.
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