the best Facebook marketing | tech doubts tamil


1 attract targeted fans solely 

2 fans united nations agency share expand the reach 

3 have interaction w/fans – wow them! 

4 speak your fans’ language 

5 raise fans to share your post 

6 boost posts for best reach 

7 mine insights for fan information 

8 experiment w/ posts


9 reward fans united nations agency tag your occupation 

10 broadcast FB live video 

 Eleven tag brands in posts 

12 fan contest for sharing 

13 post compelling ikon 

14 tag friends in comments 

15 keep the text short, to the purpose 

16 add like the button to the website 


17 851×315 timeline dimension

18 eighteen0x180 profile ikon size 

19 add a call-to-action button

20 announce promotions here

 Twenty changes seem in the newsfeed 

22 stapled posts = visibility 

23 capture contact data w/app 

24 three sec to inform individuals necessities 


25 rank prime posts by reach/shares 

26 note time of posts with w/greatest reach 

27 determine wherever page likes came from 

28 “People engaged” fans most precious 

29 wherever are set geographically? 

30 more posts more reach

31 determine most viewed sections 

32 actions on the page tell you wherever individuals clicked to sale 

Live video 

33 broadcast from any device 

34 fb records, stores & posts video 

35 easiest method to try to video 

36 no writing, uploading necessary 

37 minimum video length = four minutes 

38 fb mechanically saves to the video page

 Thirty-nine produce video playlists 

40 repurpose live video to youtube 


41 get a targeted fan base

42 show cta on the cowl 

43 supply gift as lead info 

44 capture email for a gift

45 integrate email promoting 

46 use targeted ads sagely 

47 review insights monthly 

48 lead-to-sale takes time

Visual content

49 images, videos work best 

50 video gets vast reach 

51 live stream with FB live 

52 use canva.Com for pictures 

52 two-hundredths of image maybe text 

53 add gifs to draw attention 

54 acculturation pictures go, infective agent,

55 post image: 400px sq.

56 ad image: 1200×600 commissary 


57 a requirement for 2017 to achieve audience 

58 determine ad goal: traffic, lead, sale? 

59 boost post is the easiest method to start out

60 target folks that understand you’re complete

 61 local? Target geographically 

62 analyze ad reports to search out the best ROI 

63 adapt ads supported report analysis 

64 persistence: go from a fan, to lead.

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