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1 #symbol used before a word 

2 created by users on Twitter 

3 thanks for organizing & search 

4 twitter hyperlinks hashtags 

5used in media & by fans 

6 helps to complete a message 

7 provides a colorful statement 

8 identifies trending topics 

Wherever to use 

9 twitter #ff 

10 facebook #fbmarketing 

11 instagram #selfie 

12 google+ #branding 

13 Pinterest #location 

14 google search #topic 

15 Tumblr #tags 

How to use

16 no areas in hashtags 

17 #socialmedia not #social media 

18 use at the finish of the message 

19 abbreviate long phrases

20 #bt for throwback weekday

21 produce your own hashtags

22 audio created #wantanr8 

23 use at events #sxsw15 

24 learn widespread hashtags selling 


25 #rt retweet on Twitter # 

26 #nyc, #atl, #austin 

27 #ootd outfit of the day 

28 #socialmedia, entrepreneur 

29 #breakingbad, #idol, #xfactor 

30 #ff follow Fri on Twitter 

31 #curechildhoodcancer 

32 #winning charlie shine search prescript stigmatization 


33 #bagsfiyfree southwest airlines 

34 #bareselfie Lancome

35 #lexusinstafilm Lexus 

36 #smilewithacoke coca-cola 

37 how tips liquid web 

38 #bigldeas2015 linkedin 

39 #delllounge dingle computers 

40 #frosty wendy’s 


41 use the relevant hashtag 

42 twitter: 1-3 hashtags 

43 Instagram: up to thirty hashtags 

44 add at the finish of the message 

45 keep hashtags short 

46 use them to “Brand” content 

47 promote your event 

48 nice for stigmatization contests


49 makes content straightforward to seek out 

50 use in search engines 

51 search in social networks 

52 click hashtag, read results

53 notice msgs across channels 

54 motivated users notice you 

55 nice for contest entries 

56 use email, chat to create topics easier to seek out 


57 complete contests exploitation hashtags 

58 cohesive cross-platform electronic messaging 

59 used in visual content: pictures, video 

60 let folks tell their stories 

61 domino’s #letsdolunch offered a discount 

62 understand your reputation: #mcdstories

63 use on swag giveaways

64 determine your complete as native

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