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Web domain name

 1 vital for search engines

 2 pair of use keywords in domain

3 does not have to be compelled to be line name 

4 use google keyword tool to seek out keywords 

5 use client language 

6.Com URLs are best 

7.Info & .Tv = lower traffic 

8 avoid numbers & characters settings>general

Web host

9 most vital call 

10 arouse recommendations 

11 will the host concentrate on wp? 

12 do they provide an attempt period? 

13 ar they BBB-accredited? 

14 attempt their phone support

15 do they provide a one-click install? 

16 however typically do they backup? 


17 want username & parole 

18 ne’er use admin as username 

19 use parole not found in wordbook 

20 use the host’s one-click tool to put in

21 problems? Decision hosting co to facilitate 

22 creates empty web log w/ one post & page

23 amendment look & feel with a theme

24 add title/subtitle in 


25 select well-supported theme 

26 themes, studio press, thesis 

27 straightforward theme is best: 

28 too totally different = confused user 

29 review sites mistreatment theme you wish 

30 wp default theme is a sweet alternative 

31 verify company Twitter feed: 

32 ar theme’s users happy?


33 post = article. Suppose “Latest news” 

34 page is permanent. “Home, about” 

35 sidebar is a column on the left or right 

36 widgets = add sidebar content 

37 add posts/pages/media from wp admin space 

38 add transmission from media>add new 

39 can you settle for comments? 

40 organize posts in classes


41 pictures = jpg, jpeg, png, gif 

42 docs = doc, ppt, odt, xis 

43 audio = mp3, wav, m4a, og9 

44 copy video code from youtube; do not transfer to the website

45 use low-resolution pictures 

46 would like the address to feature in the sidebar 

47 header in appearance>header 

48 set comment pictures in settings> 


49 add content to sidebar & footer 

50 text gismo adds text/images 

51 notice at appearance>widgets 

52 drag & drop, add content 

53 theme comes with its own 

54 use text gismo to feature contact information to the sidebar 

55 will show post classes 

56 too several are often distracting 


57 add practicality to the website

58 plugins>add new or FTP 

59 select wisely; will cause conflicts

60 look for plugins: plugins>add new 

61 Yoast SEO makes web site search-friendly 

62 backup buddy creates car backups 

63 google analytics measures traffic 

64 dependable forms add a contact form

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