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HomemarketingA Beginner's Guide to Pinterest Marketing strategy

A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Marketing strategy


1 use headshot, not a logo 

2 create your name straightforward to seek out 

3 add links to social networks 

4 add keywords to your bio 

5 link to Facebook: realize friends 

6 link to Twitter: realize followers 

7 let your temperament shine 

8 prime three folks you repin seem on prime right 


9 use artistic pin titles 

10 specialize in style, not a product 

11 use keywords in descriptions 

12 tag others mistreatment @ image 

13 no photo? Pin one, edit link 

14 bookmarklet: straightforward internet pins

15 create it stunning & visual 

16 continually credit supply for pins analysis pictures 


17 use playful, fun titles 

18 embody keywords in desc. 

19 combine content: yours & others 

20 pin pictures from shoppers 

21 repin supporting pictures 

22 produce sacred collages 

23 add rollicking pictures for #7 

24 latest pin is the largest image 


25 add watermark for identity 

26 vogue product photos 

27 use natural light-weight in photos 

28 pin photos concerning the merchandise 

29, not a photographer? Rent one. 

30 create infographic text giant 

31 overlay title on exposure 

32 pin exposure linking to the video 


33 state supply once promise

34 show address on pictures 

35 use artistic commons bookmarklet for via & hat tip 

36 state copyright on web site 

37 stapled w/o credit? Ask! 

38 worry obscurity, not piracy

39 use copyright symbols 

40 continually credit photos


41 shoppers pin product photos 

42 pin exposure, tag whole to win 

43 host board scavenger hunt

44 monthly board contest 

45 most repinned board wins 

46 pin image of contest rules 

47 integrate w/fb, Twitter, yt 

48 consumer videos; use hashtag 


49 produce themed cluster board 

50 cluster scavenger hunt of pins 

51 kindle colleague repins 

52 promote a joint event 

53 arson style boards 

54 host aboard a tour

55 throw a Pinterest party 

56 crowdsource product

57 review different business boards 


58 establish Pinterest marketing goals 

59 do keyword searches for: 

60 pins, boards, & people 

61 review, judge results of fifty-nine, 60

 62 however ar brands converting? 

63 what boards get repinned? 

64 is Pinterest driving traffic? 



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